Small Details

If you are wanting to have your table settings stand out it could be the details that will make them memorable and the most appealing. When we decided to use personalized napkins we noticed how it brought the table settings up to an entirely different level. The guests noticed them as well. Never underestimate how the little things impress your guests. If you are having a large group for dinner you may also want to use place-cards so the guests will not have to figure out who sits at what location. I have seen parties that included guest cards with as few as six guests invited. It eliminates any confusion and allows the dinner to flow smoothly.

A Wedding Rescue

My car was filled with wedding decorations when I noticed a small dog standing on the highway. It had been raining so the dog was really dirty and wet. I could not pass him by. This was one of those moments where there was a battle in the back of my mind. I knew I was going to be sorry for this. After all these decorations were mostly white and this dog would more than likely want to shake off the rain water. That was even if I could catch him at all. I had my hair done for the wedding already and now I would risk ruining it while chasing a stray down the highway! This was not my best idea yet however I was the only life line this poor dog seemed to have. This was something I would do so it will not surprise anyone if I show up covered with mud and a stray in my arms. It has happened many times before but not to my wedding.

Last Minute Ceremony Plans

It is hard to believe we were able to get everything planned so quickly for our wedding. We had everything we needed for the sand ceremony and the reception decorations completed within the first week. By the end of three weeks we had everything ordered, picked up or being designed. I had thought it would take us two months for certain to plan our wedding but that is simply not the case. Of course the fact that I am a wedding planner and my fiance is an event coordinator does help a little bit. I mean the two of us together could plan anything no matter the size in a few days time. However it does feel different when you are planning your own event.

Heading To The Post Office For My Invitations

This is such a huge day for us. We are heading to the post office to pick up our wedding invitations. It is not going to be a huge wedding but the invitations are very important. We were able to find the perfect invitations for our wedding design. They will give our guests a little hint of what to expect on our wedding day. When we get back our RSVPs we will then make decisions on some of the other details. My budget is tight so I can not afford to waste anything. We have three different plans for how many guests accept our invites. Each one works our budget to include a certain amount of people.

Say It With Sand

Including a sand ceremony was one of the first decisions that Mike and I made. We loved this ceremony enhancement when his brother had done it. We wanted to change it up a little since Mike has two small children. They are excited about the event but we wanted to make certain they understand this wedding is all about them as well. We will give them their own colors of sands and allow them to pour theirs in as well to help to create that single pattern. They loved the idea of taking part in our wedding. This event will also help to make our wedding more personal and give it even more meaning.

Second Hand Decorations Didn’t Work

I realized that something was fishy when I entered into the reception
area. There was nothing really put together about the wedding
. Nothing followed through with a theme and it appeared as if
it was all thrown together with bits and pieces of something from
somewhere. I wanted to ask, but I knew that was inappropriate. I knew the
bride and groom were paying for the wedding out of their own pockets, but
surely they could have at least followed some sort of theme or guidelines.

I promised myself I wouldn’t say anything, but while at the cake serving
table, which you pretty much served yourself, I overheard another woman
talking. I eaves dropped in on the conversation and the decorations had
been left over from the last shindig at that location. So they asked if they
could just use the same stuff. I felt so sorry for them. At this point it
would have been better to have eloped.

Personalized choices

It was hard trying to act supportive when no one wanted the couple to be married. We had to act as though we were supportive to Julie even though it was not what anyone knew to be the right decision. We hoped that she would see what a mistake this marriage actually is before they got to the alter. Stanley is not a kind person. He is more of a brass person which is so opposite of Julie. Still she thinks she can save him as she put it late one night over drinks. She feels as though every one sees only the dark side of him and does not see his good qualities. We are glad he has good qualities we are just concerned that Julie does not see his darker side. We all know it will show itself after the wedding. Still here we are ordering personalized napkins and choosing cake flavors as if everything is going as planned.

His Wedding Savvy Surprised Me

I huffed in frustration with the answer he gave me when I asked what
wedding favors to pass out. My fiance looked at me in confusion because he
could tell I didn’t like his answer. “Just some sort of gadget is your real
answer?” I asked. “What do you want me to say?” he responded. “You wanted
an answer and I think that would be nice” carefully choosing his words at
this point.

I gave up, why not let him select the favors. After all, I had done my
share of the planning and he could do something other than sit on his X-Box
playing “Call of Duty.” I told him I thought it was a great idea and let me
know what he decided. I also gave him our budgeted allowance and waited for
his angry reply. To my surprise he was extremely calm about the task and
said he would be glad to help. This should be interesting I thought. He
does have a way of stretching a penny though. I wondered what his next move would be. I
fully expected him to give up but he didn’t. He pulled it off without a
hitch and we packaged them together. I was so proud of him.

I Found The Lucky Wedding Clover

What do you do for wedding favors when you are having a wedding in the
park? My fiance proposed to me around the lake at this beautiful park that
has now become one of our favorite spots. I know it won’t be totally
private, but I am also excited about how many people will enjoy seeing two
people in love and committing their lives to one another. When he proposed
I was totally surprised. He tricked me into stepping into his trap by
seeing who could find the first four leaf clover. We began searching among
the cool green clovers and he guided me into an area where the hidden ring
box was. I found the box and at first I was totally confused. He acted
completely surprised too! When I opened it and saw the ring, one look at
his face with his brilliant blue eyes looking into mine with a hopeful
smile, I knew he had set me up. It was beautiful!

Get the sand quick

My Uncle Jack has a reputation as being some what of a disaster. He seems to be irresponsible in almost everything he does. He and I get along very well because I understand that he is more lighthearted about affairs than most everyone else but he does try. This lightheartedness makes him seem unfocused and it frustrates people, mostly my dad! My parents decided to have a ceremony to recommit to each other. They gave out assignments to get everything ready for the event. My uncle only had to bring the items from the table to the church. The sand for the sand ceremony was in the group for him to bring. As we were getting everything ready we realized he had forgotten the sands. I did not want Dad to know so I sent him back for it thinking he would return and everything would be fine. Just before the wedding I noticed what he had done. Instead of driving home he had gone to the local hardware store and bought tan sand! He had filled the two containers with the same color of tan sand. When it came time for the sand ceremony to begin my dad looked right at Uncle Jack when he saw the issue. To my shock he smiled. My mom went on about the pouring of the sand even though it was all the same shade. I think my dad knew there would be a story to tell and it would feature Uncle Jack!